Applications of Glycol

Glycol has many uses and properties and increases in number of application for each year. Some of the most common properties of glycol are to lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point of liquid as well as act as a softener, which contributes to more efficient functionality and extended life for many products. Lowering the freezing point is mainly used in the form of coolant for cars, deicing aircrafts and various cooling systems. At the same time, glycol helps prevent corrosion by adding inhibitors, lubricating water pumps, lowering surface tension and raising boiling point.

Mixing glycol with 50:50 water will give a freezing point of about -35 ° C. In today’s engines, glycol has more important tasks than making sure that water does not freeze. That glycol raises boiling point makes e.g. that cars can run at higher temperatures without the risk of the system boiling at temperatures above 100 ° C, which means more efficient combustion. Glycol is also used as a plasticizer for various products such as textile fabrics (polyester, polycotton), paints, pharmaceuticals, detergents, food, cosmetics etc.



Recyctec purification process removes cadmium, which is found in the deicing glycol. A big boost for your airport environmental work.


Heat Transfer Fluid

How is Glycol managed in your property? With good management you can save energy and contribute to environmental work by saving resources.


Car Coolant

Refill with Recycled Glycol and help us ensure that no Used Glycol reaches our nature.


Recyclers/Waste Companies

Together we close the loop of glycol. – We will make sure that your Used Glycol is re-used, instead of transported to combustion site.


Chemical companies and distributors

Become a part of the Recycled Glycol distribution chain.

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