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Recyctec is an innovative technology recycling company that has developed a unique technology to purify glycol so it can be re-used. This unique technique ensures that glycol is purified to its original state and can be used with the same functionality over and over again. By closing the loop of the raw material glycol, Recyctec becomes pioneers in applying a circular economy in the area. This means that we contribute to a sustainable environmental development and economy in the market area of glycol. Geographically, Recyctec initially focuses on the Swedish market, with a complete full-scale plant located in Jönköping, which is operational today. Long term, Recyctec aims to expand to other countries, either ourselves or through partners, with the aim of continuing to improve environmental development in the market area of glycol.

Recyctec’s headquarters are located at IDEON Science Park in Lund and a purification plant is located in Jönköping.

Business Idea

Recyctec’s business idea is to efficiently and with a unique and environmentally friendly method, refine Used Glycol so it can be re-used as an industrial product.


Our goal is to build a strong eco-labeled brand around Recyctec as the world-leading actor in glycol purification and sales of the environmentally friendly glycol EarthCare Glycol. Long term, Recyctec also wants to establish industries and products internationally.


Recyctec’s vision is to become a world-leading actor that purifies Used Glycol and contributes to sustainable environmental development in the world by closing the loop of glycol.

Recycle of Glycol

Recyctec contribute to the closure of the raw material glycol and form an eternity loop, which means that the Used Glycol can be purified over and over again. The more glycol the company can purify for re-use, the less ash eventually needs to be deposited after a combustion. Thus, Recyctec contributes to reduce waste and with increasing quantities of glycol in the eternity loop the import of glycol will decrease. Recyctec’s business helps other companies to lift their hazardous waste, Used Glycol, two steps up in the European Union’s waste hierarchy.

Recyctec’s business thus become a circular economy that is one of the most important environmental objectives of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Following definition of circular economy has been retrieved from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: “A circular economy is based on circulation systems, which means that the added value of products is preserved as long as possible and waste is eliminated. This means that a product that has reached the end of its life cycle continues to be utilized in new production and it creates hence additional value.”

The Swedish Recycling Gala took place in Gothenburg on November 25, 2015. Recyctec had great success and won the award as “The Recycling Industry of the Year”.

Recyctec Holding AB (publ)

Ideon Gateway Forskningsbyn Ideon 223 70 Lund

Scheelevägen 27, Lund

+46 (0) 10 – 209 00 28

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