Return of Used Glykol

We can help you to take care of your Used Glycol. To consciously choose recycling of your Used Glycol will improve our environment, since the alternative is to transport it to a combustion site with a minimum exchange of energy.

At our facility in Jönköping you can leave ethylene and propylene glycol in separate packaging. For a more efficient cleaning, we urge you not to contaminate the Used Glycol with other waste / hazardous waste. We can also help you find out what type of glycol is present in your system today.


Book order for return or quote request, choose the pen below and fill out the form.

Opening hours to return Used Glycol:

7:30 to 12:00

13:00 to 15:30

Notification for Return of Used Glycol, please call: +46 (0) 36 36 73 22

Recyctec Holding AB (publ)

Ideon Gateway Forskningsbyn Ideon 223 70 Lund

Scheelevägen 27, Lund

+46 (0) 10 – 209 00 28

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