Recyctec closes the loop of Glycol

Recyctec AB has developed a unique method of purifying Used Glycol to be re-used, over and over again. The method is based on a Swedish innovation that enables us to benefit both environment and economy together.

Our products and services include:

Analysis of Glycol type
Return of Used Glycol
EarthCare Glycol – HTF and Car coolant
Technical Glycol

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We are happy to welcome Alina Hulterskog as E&Q-responsible at Recyctec, starting on the 1:st of November

Alina has a background from both production and laboratories, her latest experience at Jönköping Energi Biogas, with quality as her main responsibility.

Due to vacation we are closed for both incoming and outgoing deliveries during week 30-32

It is easy to purchase  

It’s easy to return Used Glycol

EarthCare Glycol products contain 100% purified and recycled glycol that can be purified over and over again, if the Used Glycol is returned to Recyctec. EarthCare Glycol products are available as transparent ethylene and propylene glycol for heat transfer and as freeze protection in various heating and cooling systems. Contact us or select Products to learn more about our products and services.

Recytec help you take care of your Used Glycol. Make a conscious environmental choice and return your Used Glycol to Recyctec so it can be re-used. The alternative, to transport it to a combustion site, affects the environment negatively and contributes to a minimal energy recovery since it contains large amounts of water.

At our industry in Jönköping you can return ethylene and propylene glycol (in separate packaging). To enable efficient cleaning, we urge you to not contaminate the Used Glycol with other waste / hazardous waste.

Recyctec Holding AB (publ)

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Scheelevägen 27, Lund

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