Using a globally unique method, we purify used glycol so that it can be re-used

Welcome to Recyctec Holding AB – a cleantech company for re-using glycol

We have developed a globally unique purification method, whereby we purify used glycol so that it can be re-used. In this manner, we will save the earth’s resources since glycol is extracted from crude oil and is a non-renewable resource. In addition, glycol is a scarce commodity since demand is consistently higher than the supply.

Glycol is used in a number of different industries and there is an abundance of areas of use.
Below is a list of some of the most common segments and areas of use for glycol.

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EU Life+

In summer 2013, Recyctec received grants through EU Life+.

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Information from Aktietorget is available on our IR page.

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EU waste directive

We assist Swedish companies in achieving the EU’s environmental target by climbing the EU’s waste hierarchy

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